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How to dress in elegant sports in style?

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Most men are no longer satisfied with jeans and a t-shirt and choose to dress in style. The investment in their appearance leads them to an elegant sports look that gives them the perfect look. So how do you do it?

The preoccupation with appearance is not only the property of women and nowadays many men want to dress nicely and look good and the style most of them choose is simple but full of style.

How to dress in elegant sports in style?

The goal of elegant sports is to dress well and feel comfortable. Therefore, it is recommended to combine sports clothing with the normal clothing that you usually wear. These are clothing items such as sneakers, smooth t-shirts, college-style hoodies, sweatpants, etc. The trick is to combine the details of the clothing and find the right balance between them. For example, if you have an elegant 3-piece suit in your closet, take the blazer and combine it with a colorful or printed t-shirt, elegant pants, and sneakers.

Sweatpants similar to elegant pants

The leading trend this year is sweatpants with an elegant look that can be combined with a button-down shirt or a bright and colorful hoodie. You will get a more sophisticated look with tailored trousers with delicate checks, a sports jacket, and sneakers. A red jacket with Scottish-style checks also goes together with jeans and red sneakers.

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