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10 fitness exercises you can do at home

Asian Beautiful young woman stay home, doing aerobic exercise at home for health in house.


Physical activity can also be done at home, especially in the winter when you can’t exercise outside and when you want to save money instead of going to the gym. Get 10 exercises that can be done at home.

Physical activity is divided into 2: aerobic activity and strength activity, but it is also important to maintain a sensible diet and thus increase muscle mass.

5 aerobic exercises

1 – Warm up the body parts for 2 minutes by jumping and running in place.
2 – Pishuk jumps off opening and closing the arms and legs for 10 minutes.
3 – near get-up. From a standing position go down to a squat, from there to a plank, bending the legs towards the chest, and back to a standing position. Repeat the exercise for half a minute.
4 – mountain climber. In the plank position, bring the knees towards the chest as fast as running for one minute.
5 – squat jumps. Bend your knees and go down to an almost crouched sitting position with your buttocks out and your stomach in and jump 10 times. You can also raise and lower your heels in a squat position for one minute.

5 strength exercises

1 – One minute plank in a static position is excellent for abdominal and back muscles.
2 – Push-ups for half a minute.
3 – With the help of a chair, go down and up with the hands resting on the chair and the buttocks in front going down towards the floor.
4 – tension exercises using a bar attached to 2 walls.
5 – alternate lunches for one minute.

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