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What is the connection between the shoes you wear and what people think of you?

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Shoes are a necessary item that you need to feel comfortable in and walk in without pressing your feet or being too wide. That is, to adjust the correct size. Despite this, their appearance has a lot of meaning related to personal taste and also related to what people think of them. We will detail this in the next article.

When you buy a pair of shoes, you look at the brand, the color, the shape, the heels, the cut, and only then the size and comfort. The first impression and the desire to be like someone else decide the purchase.

The connection between shoes and what is thought of you

Due to the multitude of advertisements and the desire to be similar to network personalities, friends at school, actors, and the like, there is an effect on purchases especially when it comes to details of clothing and shoes. The desire to imitate someone else so that they think you are cool and have style sometimes outweighs your taste.

Examples of prejudice

If a girl who stands by her taste buys platform shoes, she will immediately have a negative opinion because these shoes have a prejudice. Among some people, there is also a prejudice about high heels. The higher and thinner the heel, the more negative the opinion. The same is true when it comes to brands. If, for example, your running shoes are not branded, people will think you will run less well.

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