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How will sunglasses fit your face shape?

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People are different from each other in character and appearance. Therefore, everyone has a different face shape. There are people with rounded, oval, pear, or heart faces, etc. When buying glasses, they should match the shape of the face.

Since glasses are an accessory that comes in different designs, you should choose the ones that compliment your face shape in the best way. How do you do it?

What is your face shape?

If you gather your hair up, you can easily recognize the structure and shape of your face when you stand in front of the mirror. Now you will need to fit the correct eyeglass frame. For example, if your face is elliptical, round, square, or aviator glasses will suit you. Cat glasses are also a good option because they emphasize the lips and cheekbones. If you have a round face, it is likely that you will be recommended asymmetrical or sharp-angled glasses such as hexagonal, half-frame, and sharp geometric shapes.

Matching the color of the glasses

Similar to the shape of the face, the color of the glasses should match the skin tone and hair color. It can be contrasted with the skin color and colored or in the natural shade. It all depends on the effect you want to create. Generally, warm tones will suit dark skin and hair and cold tones will suit a light tone. At the same time, the color should also be matched to the shape of the face for an optimal fit.

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