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The hottest trends in the investment world

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Whether it’s a cooperative economy or mass investments, or whether it’s social loans and real estate investments – we’ve gathered the hottest trends in the investment world for you.

Many private investors usually divide their funds across different channels so that if there is a loss in one channel, the other channel will reap profits.

Investments in real estate

One of the channels for investment that bears fruit is the real estate sector. Depending on the economic situation in the market, buying a second apartment and renting it out for profit will be a profitable monthly income. It is important to seize the momentum and invest in an apartment in Israel or abroad or invest in cooperative real estate and share in the profits. Recently, investments in offices have become popular because they can be divided into shared workspaces and it is also more economical for tenants.

Social loans or stock exchange

A social loan is an investment by private entities that lend money to private individuals without paying commissions and interest to banks. Anyone can invest and earn handsomely while the other party receives better terms than in the bank. Despite this, investors need to be reliable and experienced in order for borrowers to benefit from repayments and low-interest rates. The channel of investing in the stock market also attracts investors who want to profit by purchasing stocks and bonds. At the same time, you should know that the capital market is a risky channel, so it is better to divide the investment among other channels.

Growth in real estate price market

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