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The difference between a tax consultant and an accountant for your business?

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The role of a tax consultant is to assist in tax planning, while an accountant is responsible for the current economic activity and reports to the income tax and VAT. So how will you know which professional to hire for the benefit of your business? Here are some suggestions
Getting to know the difference between a tax advisor and an accountant for your business is an integral part of the daily conduct of business owners. It does not matter if it is a small or large business and an exempt dealer, a licensed dealer, or a limited company – the involvement of professionals of this type is essential.

How do you choose a suitable professional?

Knowing the difference between a tax advisor and an accountant for your business can help you choose the right professional. In general, for example, you should know that a tax advisor is responsible for legal tax planning and his role is to help business owners pay as little taxes as possible without breaking the law. On the other hand, the role of an accountant is to manage the day-to-day business activity – mainly in terms of reports to the income tax and VAT.

In other words, choosing the right professional depends on the goal you are trying to achieve. If you need a professional to deal with the tax authorities, you should contact an accountant. But if you want to plan taxation for a specific activity, you should contact a tax consultant.


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