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Nutritional supplements you should take in winter?

Omega gelatin capsules in a glass transparent jar. Nutritional supplement - vitamin D.


In winter, the chance of contracting diseases is high, so it is recommended to maintain a proper diet and a strong immune system through food supplements. We have compiled for you the food supplements that you should take in the winter.

Food supplements, herbs, fruits and vegetables, and probiotics are excellent measures that protect the immune system and prevent diseases in winter.

Vitamin and mineral supplements

One of the recommended food supplements is vitamin C which helps maintain the immune system and a proper concentration of white blood cells. Although it can be found in natural food, it is also recommended to take tablets and get the necessary dose for the body in winter. Alternatively, multivitamin packages that also contain additional vitamins are ideal for the winter, especially for children. The addition of vitamin D also regulates the immune system and will maintain the muscles, and balance and reduce the chance of suffering from inflammations and infections. In addition, minerals such as zinc, iron, and beta carotene are necessary to get through the winter safely.

Omega 3

Omega 3 can be obtained mainly from fish. These are fatty acids that prevent arthritis and depression, so they are excellent for elderly and lonely people to get through the winter. In addition, omega 3 is excellent for brain development and reduces the chance of getting cancer. Omega 6 will also help the health of the body when the supplement is consumed in accordance with Omega 3.

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